I am embraced by my husband’s request Azusa Yagi

Azusa married wife Azusa was supposed to be a decent life, but eventually became ED feeling I was not able to satisfy my wife tonight Azusa cares about such a husband I am a husband while devising devices such as a blowjob and a pizzling with big breasts I tried to inspire her, but it was not inserted until it was my fault and I was depressed late at night my husband noticed that I was sneaking quietly and I noticed that I was not blamed myself Azusa suggested that it was in the past Azusa and the beginning of the story The Azusa found a video that had sex with other people and had been masturbating with jealousy and excitement Maybe that excitement is now for herself Isn’t it necessary? My husband told Azusa that she wanted me to show you SEX with other people Azusa disgusted like a natural but I agreed to your begging for the husband’s sorrowful cries Husband hugged my wife I’m looking for a man to be with me My wife is held by that man I’m listening to my wife’s and men’s behavior over the earphones in the corner of my home I’m painfully erected Pleasure inserted for the first time in a long time The climax reached and the man went home in a clean state After seeing the amazement After the fact that I saw the figure of the husband who stood up stunnedly When I changed quickly, my husband gently embraced Azusa and attacked Azusa violently, and I refuse because it is dirty Azusa Husband slammed her lower body when she stripped her Azusa clothes

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